Star stitch

Star stitch forms a fantastic textured fabric, it looks three dimensional! If you know how to purl two stitches together, you should be able to master this stitch easily enough.


It's a repeating pattern over four rows.

Abbreviations: k = knit; ms = make star; p = purl; st = stitch

To 'make star' (ms), purl three stitches together so that you form a stitch on your right-hand (working) needle, but leave the three stitches on your left-hand (holding) needle. Wrap yarn around your right-hand (working) needle once. Then purl the same three stitches on your left-hand needle again. This time, drop those three stitches from the left-hand needle. This completes the star. Note: you have not increased or decreased the number of stitches overall.

Instructions (cast on a multiple of 4st plus 1st):

Row 1 (right side): k to end

Row 2: p1, *ms, p1, repeat from * to end

Row 3: k to end

Row 4: p3, ms, *p1, ms, repeat from * to last 3st, p3

These four rows form pattern.

Short video tutorial...


Our Frost Flower and Star Stitch cushion cover knitting patterns use star stitch. Give them a go...

Or you can buy a DIY kit to make the Star Stitch cushion cover. We're very excited to be collaborating with Wool Couture to bring you everything you need to make this cushion cover.