Why buy a knitting kit?

A knitting kit contains everything you need to get started and make the finished product including yarn, knitting needles and pattern. But how do you know if it's the right thing to buy?

A knitting kit can be particularly great for a gift. Nicely packaged. Everything the recipient needs. Often good value for money.

It is worth thinking about the experience or level of skill that you, or the recipient of your gift, have in knitting.

For an absolute beginner, a knitting kit might not be the best thing to buy. It's better to start with some lessons or one-to-one tuition when you are learning. Many people find it easier to learn how to knit when they are shown in person (or by video). Borrow some yarn and needles from a friend or relative and try it out. Have a read of the following blog posts about learning how to knit:

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What tools and materials do you need to learn how to knit?

For a beginner, with some practice with reading from knitting patterns, then a knitting kit should be fine. The kit should explain the level of experience you need. For example, which techniques you have practised before.

If you are a intermediate knitter, and are wanting to branch out into a different technique or style of knitting, a kit can be the perfect way of getting the materials you need to get started.

For example, you might never have knitted in the round before. In this case, our DIY knitting kits to make fingerless mitts would be perfect. You'd get your first set of double pointed knitting needles, the yarn you need for the project and full instructions to describe how to make it.

If you are an experienced knitter, you may not need all the tools provided in the kit. For example, you might not need another set of knitting needles, but you do want the yarn and the pattern. In some cases you might decide to buy the pattern and the yarn individually. Some retailers will give you the option to buy the kit without the knitting needles for a reduced price.

Feeling inspired? Why not give a knitting kit a try? We stock a range of knitting kits for you to choose from. Check them out! https://www.fredamossdesigns.com/knitting-kits

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