What is the point of fingerless mitts?

Fingerless gloves have a long history, dating back to Roman times. They were popular with the wealthy who used them to show off their gold and precious stone rings. In the mid-1980's they became fashionable with celebrities like Boy George, Madonna, and Cyndi Lauper mostly in fishnet or lace!

Aside from fashion, fingerless mitts are also practical. They are used when you need your fingers for dexterity but want warmth for your wrists and hands.

Here are some activities where fingerless gloves or mitts are very useful:

  • Typing on a computer keyboard

  • Playing the piano

  • Using your smartphone, tablet or touchscreen device (although some devices now are sensitive enough to allow use with gloves on)

  • Writing

  • Outdoor / garage work, especially picking up small things like screws or nails

  • Handling money, for example, market traders

  • Picking your nose ;)

  • Picking up dog poo with a bag and tying the bag :)

  • Fishing

  • Taking photos

  • Sewing, as long as you don't accidentally sew your gloves to your work :)

  • Knitting

So there are many good reasons to get yourself a pair of fingerless mitts. Or even better, why not make a pair yourself?! Our MIST LAYERS fingerless mitts are made from wonderfully soft self-striping yarn. You can buy DIY knitting kits or the finished product from our shop.

Also available from our Etsy store.

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