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how to block your knitting
Ever finished a knitting project and your work looks all out of shape?

This how to guide explains how to re-shape your knitted item to get a professional finish.
how to cast on with a chain edge
Ever wanted a more decorative or different finish to your cast-on edge? Try casting on with a chain edge!
how to cast on with a long tail
Want to know how to cast on with a stretchy edge? The best cast-on method for cuffs of socks, gloves or mittens?
how to convert knitting needle sizes
Does your knitting pattern have UK knitting needle sizes but your knitting needles are marked with US sizing? There is a way to convert from one to the other...
how to join in another yarn knitting
Want to work with more than one colour? Or has one ball of yarn run out and you need to start another?
how to knit in the round
Want to knit in the round but are a bit scared of all those knitting needles? It's not as difficult as you think!
how to knit stitch (k)
Want to learn how to knit a basic knit stitch? Written as 'k' in knitting patterns. Here's how...
how to knit a large loose pompom
Like massive pompoms but not sure how to make one. You don't need any special equipment for this!
how to wind a skein into a ball
It is common to buy yarn in hanks or skeins, but you need to know how to wind it into a ball for knitting, without getting into a tangle
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