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My Gran, Freda, taught me to knit as a child. I remember many happy holidays in Cornwall, raiding Gran’s yarn stash and patterns to knit tea cosies, dolls’ clothes (including the latest trouser suit and ski suit for Barbie), gloves, jumpers, anything!


Gran would be sat with knitting needles clacking furiously as she knitted a new jumper for one of her grandchildren. I’d ask her advice if I got stuck or went wrong. I was in awe of how she’d be able to look at my knitting and see exactly where the mistake was and fix it. Roll on thirty years, and as I teach people to knit I amaze myself. I can find and fix mistakes in the same way!


Every female member of my family knits: my mum, sister, aunt and cousins. I love that we are collectively continuing the tradition that my Gran passed to us all. It is a common skill she taught us that makes me feel really connected to them all.


Modern, contemporary style is really important to me. Knitting quite often conjures up images of fussy, unattractive and poor fitting garments. I decided to start designing a few knitting patterns to make fashionable accessories: scarves, hats, gloves, and home-ware. I’ve had the fortune to work closely with Wool Couture, designing a pattern that they sold as knitting kits.


I believe in the feelings of warmth and belonging that come from passing on the tradition of knitting from person to person. I work to ensure that knitting evolves and appeals to the modern world, whilst respecting animals and environment. I design and sell contemporary knitting patterns, kits, yarn and knitting needles that enable you to knit what you really want.

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